Iggy Azalea Enlists Longtime Nemesis Azealia Banks for 'Digital Distortion'

The 'Black Widow' rapper shocks fans as she announces that she is collaborating on new music with the 26-year-old raptress, with whom she has been feuding since 2011.

AceShowbiz - Believe it or not, %cIggy Azalea% has enlisted her former nemesis %cAzealia Banks% for a new track off her upcoming album "Digital Distortion". The Australian rapper has taken to her social media accounts to announce that the unexpected collaboration is really happening, despite their longtime, nasty feud.

"Public Service Announcement, Azealia is going to be on DD," the 27-year-old raptress simply writes. "We are collaborating. Burn your wigs now or preserve them in your freezer for the release day."

Iggy further explains about the union on Twitter. "I don't expect you guys to understand why I would collaborate with someone who has publicly said they hope I die," she writes, before adding, "This has been something extremely negative for so long, if there is a way to make it positive and also be creative together, im here for it."

The collaboration comes after Iggy officially ended the beef last month. She posted on social media a lengthy message to Azealia, saying, "Call me crazy, but girl; I don't hate you. I don't know you to hate you. I believe you may want to meet me in person so you can steal a lock of my hair and cast a spell hoping I die (lol) I don't agree with many of your opinions but honestly, at times I empathize with you as a creative Gemini woman." Azealia later acknowledged the message by posting it on her Instagram account.

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Iggy and Azealia began feuding in 2011. They have been trading blows over music and race for years. Azealia was the first person who called Iggy out for degrading black culture. She named Iggy "Igloo Australia" and slammed her for not being involved in Black Lives Matter marches in 2014. "It's funny to see people like Igloo Australia silent when these things happen," the rapper said. "Black Culture is cool, but black issues sure aren't huh?"

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