Watch Nick Jonas' Calvin Klein-Esque Video for 'Remember I Told You' Ft. Anne-Marie and Mike Posner

The three-minute-video finds the 'Jealous' hitmaker partying in a small white room with his collaborators and a number of beautiful models.

AceShowbiz - Nick Jonas has finally released a visuals for his latest single "Remember I Told You" featuring Anne-Marie and Mike Posner. The black-and-white clip seems to be influenced by Calvin Klein ad as it features a number of stunning models dancing to the Drake-esque song in a stark white room.

Sporting a simple white tee and track pants, Nick goofs around with the fellow partygoers in the room. They spray the walls with paints, toss styrofoam packing materials and have a cheeky pillow fight. As the song builds, Anne-Marie and Mike Posner join the party, dancing to the groovy beat while delivering their verses.

Nick previously said of the song, "The new track was written last year while I was on tour, which is one of my favorite times to write, when I'm constantly in front of new audiences and being inspired on a nightly basis. It was rainy day in Maine, so I went on the studio bus and I started this track and I really liked the way it sounded."

"I love the message," he continued. "I feel like it's a position so many people have been in, where they feel like they're not being heard. I love the first line of the chorus because I feel like it's a really humble way of asking for someone's attention and begging to be heard after you've given so much to them."

"Remember I Told You" is the first single off Nick's new album, which is expected to arrive later this year. The upcoming album will follow up the 24-year-old singer's previous solo efforts, including 2014's "Nick Jonas" and 2016's "Last Year Was Complicated".

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