Big Bang's T.O.P Gets Blasted for Using Instagram Amid Marijuana Controversy

The 'Bang Bang Bang' rapper receives backlash after he was caught liking a photo on Instagram when he was supposed to be trying to stay out of the spotlight.

AceShowbiz - %cT.O.P% of %cBig Bang% has caused another controversy following his marijuana scandal. The 29-year-old rapper was caught using Instagram on Friday, June 16. His activity on social media caused him to receive backlash from people as they felt that T.O.P should be reflecting on his mistake and trying to stay out of the spotlight.

The "Zutter" rapper appeared to have liked a photo on Instagram. Some fans quickly commented on the photo, saying that they missed him a lot. "T.O.P we miss you and will love you forever. Please come back soon and stand on stage for the rest of your life," a fan commented.

Although it was unknown whether he did it on purpose or not, people thought that being active on social media meant he wasn't trying to make up for his wrongdoings. "Not that you have to do nothing to show that you're reflecting but... he's basically throwing bait for his haters," a commenter wrote on an article on Instiz. Another added, "He's out of his mind."

Others said that T.O.P should be allowed to use his phone regardless of the situation. "Maybe he accidentally clicked it... it's not like you're not allowed to use your phone if you're sick. He really couldn't have pressed it purposely if he has a brain," one of them wrote. "T.O.P should know better to be more careful but it's not like people can expect him to do nothing in his private life just because he's reflecting. It's not like breathing in his room is all he's allowed to do," another commented.

T.O.P was recently hospitalized after overdosing on anti-anxiety medication called benzodiazepines. The doctors stated that he was in a critical condition and in need of psychological treatment. He later apologized for his mistake while leaving the hospital a few days after. "I apologize," the "High High" hitmaker simply said.

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