Halle Berry Desperately Tries to Recover Her Kidnapped Child in 'Kidnap' New Trailer

The movie follows Berry as Karla Dyson, a mother who tries to pursue the kidnapper of her child 'and must risk everything to not lose sight of her son.'

AceShowbiz - A new trailer for %cHalle Berry%-starring kidnapping action thriller "Kidnap" has been released. The movie follows Berry as a mother who won't stop for anything to recover her kidnapped son.

The trailer opens with a scene of Berry's Karla Dyson playing with her son in a playground. However, everything goes bad when she sees her son being taken away by someone with a car. Karla tries to chase the kidnapper with all of her might and has to risk everything for the purpose. "As long as my son is in that car, I will not stop. Wherever you go, I will be right behind you," she says.

A typical afternoon in the park turns into a nightmare for single mom Karla Dyson when her son suddenly disappears. Without a cell phone and knowing she has no time to wait for police help, Karla jumps in her own car and sets off in pursuit of the kidnappers. A relentless, edge-of-your-seat chase ensues, where Karla must risk everything to not lose sight of her son.

Also starring in the movie are %cSage Correa%, %cLew Temple%, %cDana Gourrier%, %cChristopher Berry% and %cChris McGinn%. Directed by Luis Prieto, "Kidnap" is set to hit U.S. theaters on August 4.

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