Charlie Sheen's New GF Julia Stambler Isn't Scared of Him Having HIV

Julia reportedly insists that she 'isn't scared' of her actor boyfriend having HIV, claiming those who have warned her to stay away from him due to his illness are 'ignorant.'

AceShowbiz - %cCharlie Sheen%'s new girlfriend Julia Stambler is reportedly not scared he has HIV. TMZ has reported that Julia, whom Charlie has been dating for three months, is standing for her 51-year-old boyfriend despite her friends warning her to stay away from him due to his HIV diagnosis.

Julia allegedly has insisted that she "isn't scared" of her actor boyfriend having HIV and has claimed those who have warned her away from him because of his illness are "ignorant and living in the fearful past." Sources close to the couple tell the site that the 22-year-old also thinks it's a terrible message to send to people with HIV.

As for Charlie's substance abuse issues, the sources tell the site that "Julia believes Charlie ... that he's been clear for nearly a year and his lifestyle has become militant healthy." The blonde beauty allegedly "believes he's clean, because he's participating in an HIV drug trial and that includes regular drug tests."

Charlie went public with his relationship with Julia earlier this month. The actor was spotted stepping out with his new girlfriend at his daughter Lola's, whom he shares with ex-wife %cDenise Richards%, 12th birthday party. It's said that his ex-wife %cBrooke Mueller% was the one who introduced him to Julia, who had been a nanny to the ex-spouses' twin sons Bob and Max, eight.

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