Ivanka Trump Gets Booed by Audience During Berlin Summit, but She's 'Used to It'

The daughter of President Donald Trump reacts to boos and hisses from the audience at Berlin Summit by calmly saying, 'I'm used to it.'

AceShowbiz - Ivanka Trump remained calm while being booed and jeered at during Berlin Summit on April 25, admitting that she's "used to it." She attended W20 Summit on women's entrepreneurship where she was "attacked" by the audience.

The panel asked a tough question to the 35-year-old businesswoman regarding her role as President Donald Trump's assistant. Miriam Meckel, the editor-in-chief of German publication WirtschaftsWoche, asked the first question, "The German audience is not that familiar with the concept of a first daughter. I'd like to ask you, what is your role? And who are you representing - your father, as president of the United States, the American people or your business?"

"Certainly not the latter," Ivanka answered. She didn't state her specific role in the White House, but she said that she cares deeply about "about empowering women in the workplace." The Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry founder continued by claiming that her father "had been a tremendous champion of supporting families," causing the audience to audibly groan and boo at her statement.

"You hear the reaction from the audience," the moderator responded, before asking, "Some attitudes toward women that your father has displayed might leave one questioning whether he's such an empowerer of women."

The mother of three seemed unfazed by the question, saying that she "certainly heard the criticism from the media that's been perpetuated." However, she claimed that she knew from personal experience that her father treated her the same way he treated her brothers. "There was no difference," she concluded.

When asked later by the reporters about the booing and the tough questions she received during the panel, she said, "I'm used to it, it's fine. I think what's so important is we have to be able to engage in dialogue with one another and we have to be able to have different viewpoints"

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