Jenna Dewan Reportedly Joins Channing Tatum at 'Magic Mike Live' Premiere Due to Trust Issues

Rumor has it, the 36-year-old actress/dancer demanded to join her husband at 'Magic Mike Live' premiere in Las Vegas over the weekend to make sure he didn't 'press his luck' in Sin City.

AceShowbiz - Jenna Dewan accompanied Channing Tatum at the Las Vegas premiere of "Magic Mike Live" on Friday, April 21. And according to Star magazine, the 36-year-old actress/dancer joined her husband at the event due to having trust issues in their marriage.

The premiere was held at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The stage show is based on Tatum's "Magic Mike" movies and real-life experiences as a male stripper. The magazine alleges that Dewan demanded to join her husband promoting the show to make sure he didn't "press his luck" in Sin City.

Citing a source, the magazine says, "Jenna trusts Channing, but... as soon as she heard they would be rehearsing in Las Vegas, she demanded to come along." The publication then reveals how the mother of one even "turned down" a luxury suite at the Hard Rock Hotel because she wanted to stay in a "family-friendly" mansion five miles away from the Las Vegas strip.

However, it turns out that none of the claims above is true. A rep for Dewan has assured fans by telling Gossip Cop that the story is complete "nonsense." Tatum's spokesperson also says that the allegation about Jenna having trust issues in her marriage to the actor is "absurd" and totally "untrue."

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