Former 'Running Man' Cast Member Gary Secretly Marries Non-Celebrity Girlfriend

The ex-'Running Man' star announces on his Instagram account that he has tied the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend.

AceShowbiz - Kang Gary, a rapper from Korean hip-hop duo Leessang and a former "Running Man" cast member, posted a shocking announcement on his Instagram account. He revealed on April 5 that he just got married to his non-celebrity girlfriend.

The "Shower Later" rapper posted a photo of beautiful blue sky with a caption which read, "I tied the knot with someone I love today. We didn't have a wedding ceremony. We had a quiet agreement ceremony between just the two of us. My wife is not a celebrity, but she moved my soul in an instant. I know this marriage announcement is surprising news but please give us your blessings! We will live happily forever. From Kang Gary."

Although the news was a huge surprise, many of his fans wrote sincere wishes. One commenter said, "Congrats and be happy Gary we'll always support you." Another fan said, "Congratulations! I wish nothing but happiness to you both!" However, some fans were still in disbelief. Some of them commented with words like, "Really?" and "I'm surprised but congratulations!"

This news wasn't only shocking for fans. The "Running Man" cast and staff, his agency and his fellow Leessang member Gil were said to be as shocked as fans were because the rapper didn't tell any of them. As reported by Kpop Herald, a representative from Gary's agency said in local reports, "Gary usually doesn't tell us about his private life. I didn't even know he had someone special."

Gary's secret wedding that even his groupmate Gil didn't know about led to another suspicion that Leessang had disbanded. A representative of Leessang Company, the individual management agency founded by Gil and Gary, said that the rapper duo decided to go separate ways, but hasn't made any official statement yet.

"It is true that Gil and Gary established their own labels in 2016. In fact, I could say that Leessang is disbanded. However, it could be possible for them to form the duo again as well," the representative said.

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