James Blunt Sings Touching New Song at Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds' Memorial

The 'You're Beautiful' singer honors his friendship with Carrie Fisher by writing her an emotional song to be played at Carrie and her mother Debbie Reynolds' joint memorial.

AceShowbiz - James Blunt's friendship with late "Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher cannot be taken lightly. The 43-year-old singer provided a soundtrack for Carrie and her mother Debbie Reynolds' joint memorial on Saturday, March 25. He composed a very emotional song called "Courtney's Song" which was played during a touching video montage of the two iconic actresses.

"There's still a light on your table. There's still your name on my phone. I can't believe I'm not able to call," the song began. "We met in a beautiful place. You danced, I talked. I go back there every single day. I'm still there, but you're not." James' melodic voice reflects the sincerity of the meaningful lyrics. "You lit me up and you led me inside. Then you disappeared with no warning sign. You broke more than my heart when you left without saying goodbye. I'm here to let you know, I'm here to let you go," he sings.

Carrie's brother, Todd Fisher, confirmed the special friendship between his sister and James. "[Years ago], James Blunt came to Los Angeles, did not have anywhere to stay and was going to come and record a [song] he was still writing," Todd told ET. "She said, 'Stay at my place,' [so] he is literally staying at her place [when] he writes 'You're Beautiful' in her bathroom. Because there is a piano in [her] bathroom." He continued, "They inspired each other. There was this mutual inspiration going on. She had a way of rubbing off on people and inspiring people and she inspired him."

Todd also revealed his impression of James' music. "The simplicity of his songs is pretty amazing. It's not like [it has] complicated lyrics but something about how he strings all this together is beautiful," he said.

The actor admitted he was impressed with "Courtney's Song" and believed that it is going to be a hit. "I believe this song is going to be a really big song. Not because of what it is, but because it is beautiful standalone song, and I think it's going to mean a lot to a lot of people who have lost loved ones," so he claimed. "It is truly a gift to all of us for all of us have lost loved ones... Everybody has lost somebody and this song is a true help in letting go."

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