Bella Hadid on The Weeknd's Diss Track 'Some Way': 'It Did Feel Like a Slap in the Face'

The 20-year-old Victoria's Secret model tries not 'to read too much into the lyrics' and 'just trying to move on and accept what it is.'

AceShowbiz - Bella Hadid might've heard The Weeknd's new song "Some Way" featuring Nav, but she apparently couldn't handle the lyrics that hit too close to home. In the first verse of the song, the Canadian singer seemingly disses Bella, singing, "None of my girls, of my girls gon' get over me."

"She's pretty close to tears a lot of the time these days," a source told "And hearing Abel's new song didn't do anything to help. She's trying not to read too much into it, but it did feel like a slap in the face. But what can she do, she's just trying to move on and accept what it is."

Aside from Bella, The Weeknd throws major shade at Justin Bieber, who happens to be Selena Gomez's ex. "I think your girl, think your girl fell in love with me/ She say my f**k and my tongue gave a remedy," he sings. Even though there is no mention of Selena or Justin, Nav makes it clear with his lyrics, "The brown boy and the Starboy on a track/ Haters gonna say this s**t is wack."

The Weeknd and Justin have been at odds with each other after the "Starboy" hitmaker started dating Selena. Justin had some harsh words about The Weeknd's music, saying, "Hell no I can't listen to a Weeknd song. That s**t is whack." Recently, he went live on Instagram to throw shade at The Weeknd as he sarcastically quipped that his "favorite song of the moment" was "Starboy", before he broke out into hysterical laughter with his pals.

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