Watch Adam Levine Trip Out in Maroon 5's 'Cold' Music Video Featuring Future

Watch Adam Levine Trip Out in Maroon 5's 'Cold' Music Video Featuring Future

In the nearly 7-minute psychedelic visuals, the 37-year-old singer experiences odd things after an unknown substance is dropped into his drink.
Maroon 5 finally released a new video for their latest track "Cold" featuring Future on Wednesday, February 15. The nearly 7-minute trippy visuals finds the band's frontman Adam Levine reluctantly going to a party at Future's house to listen the rapper's verse on the song.

On his way to the party, Adam calls his wife Behati Prinsloo to let her know he'll be back soon. She then asks her husband to pick some milk on his way home. Once he arrives at Future's house, an unknown substance is dropped into his drink and things start to get weird. The walls go wobbly, police cars float over the dance floor and lingerie-clad women with various animal heads start grasping at him.

Things get even weirder when he meets Future, whose head turns into an old woman and a teddy bear at various points. Towards the end of the psychedelic clip, Adam gets dunked in a pool where he watches an underwater wedding. Despite all of the odd things, the 37-year-old singer gets home safely and he even remembers to buy milk for his wife. Once he gets into the bed where Behati is already sleeping, he starts recounting his crazy night.

On the same day video arrived, Adam and Co. appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to perform the song live for the first time. During their visit, Ellen asked Adam about details of the next album. "Like in a few months," he told the host about when the new album would be coming out. "I don't know exactly when so I'm going to be as vague as possible." He also said he didn't really know what it would be called.

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