Avril Lavigne Brands Mark Zuckerberg a Bully for a Joke About Nickelback

The singer, whose ex Chad Kroeger is a member of Nickelback, lashes out at the Facebook CEO who blatantly disses the band in a video to introduce Jarvis.

AceShowbiz - No one's messing with %cNickelback%. No one told %cMark Zuckerberg% this, so he ended up having to face the wrath of %cAvril Lavigne% after he made a joke about the band and their music in a new video launched to introduce Jarvis a.k.a. "digital butler" for any smart home.

Released earlier this week, the clip featured Zuckerberg showing viewers all the things Jarvis could do. But when he asked it to play him "some good Nickelback songs," Jarvis replied, "I'm sorry Mark, I'm afraid I can't do that... there are no good Nickelback songs." The 32-year-old then looked at the camera and said, "Good. That was actually a test."

Among those who didn't laugh at the joke was Lavigne, whose ex-husband %cChad Kroeger% is the band's lead vocalist. The Canadian pop/punk princess responded to the video by blasting Zuckerberg and branding him a bully in a message posted on Twitter Thursday, December 22.

"Dear Mark, many people use your products - some people love them and some people don't. Either way, you're allowed your musical opinion however, your jab at Nickelback is in poor taste," so she wrote.

"When you have a voice like yours, you may want to consider being more responsible with promoting bullying, especially given what's going on in the world today," she continued, adding the hashtags #SayNoToBullying #TheJokeIsOld #NickelbackHasSoldOver50MillionAlbums.

Lavigne and her ex Kroeger are still very good friends following their split in 2015. This isn't her first time to have defended Nickelback against its haters. Back in May, the "Complicated" hitmaker raved about the group after a Public Policy Polling survey revealed that the band was one of the most-hated things in America.

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