Posing a Risk? Kanye West Under 'Constant Watch' in Hospital for 'His Safety'

The 'Gold Digger' hitmaker remains in the hospital as 'he's not doing well,' but 'he's been really eager to make music and to work even from the hospital bed.'

AceShowbiz - Kanye West is clearly still not doing well as he remains in the hospital. As he reportedly suffers from "severe paranoia" and "hallucinations," a source says he is being heavily supervised during his stay at UCLA Medical Center.

The source tells PEOPLE that the 39-year-old star has had "big ups and big downs, but this bout seems to be much more serious. In the hospital he has been very paranoid and is under constant watch for his safety." The so-called insider adds, "He's still there because clearly he's not doing well."

Though so, a Kanye source claims the rapper showed a positive update. "They tell me he's doing good," the source says, adding that "[Kanye]'s been really eager to make music and to work even from the hospital bed."

Another report says Kanye is still undiagnosed, but Kim Kardashian reportedly "uses words like paranoia and explained that Kanye thinks everyone is out to get him" to describe her husband's condition.

A source close to the family says a "very concerned" Kim "does spend hours with Kanye every day." The source adds, "She says that Kanye is on many different medications and that his doctors are figuring out proper doses. Kim says that not much has changed since he was admitted and that his doctors seem concerned."

Another source told ET that Kanye suffered from "severe paranoia" and "hallucinations" brought on by a "lack of sleep" due to stress over Kim's Paris robbery.

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