'Scream' Halloween Special Trailer Teases Mash-Up Murderer

Emma and the gang head to Shallow Grove Island to research the legend of Anna Hobbs, but end up getting caught up in another killing spree.

AceShowbiz - Just when you think the killer has been captured on "Scream", another murder happens. MTV has released the first trailer for the upcoming Halloween special that finds Emma and the gang trapped in a haunted house away from Lakewood.

Noah and Stavo are now best-selling authors and their editor is dragging them to Shallow Grove Island to research the legend of Anna Hobbs. They'll stay at the mansion where Anna killed her entire family on Halloween.

As a storm is brewing, a killer starts claiming his victim. The Lakewood Six think it's Kieran who may have escaped jail, but whoever the murderer is, he/she is combining an old murder mystery legend from the island with the Brandon James one.

The trailer ends with an ominous greeting as a front desk clerk at a motel says to a guest, "Welcome to Lakewood, Mr. James."

The two-hour Halloween special airs Tuesday, October 18 at 9/8c on MTV.

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