James Harden's Signature Shoes Are So Bad That People Make Fun of Them. Read the Funny Ones

An image of the Houston Rockets' Adidas Harden 1 'Triple Blacks' has leaked online, prompting negative comments from Twitter users.

AceShowbiz - James Harden's signature shoes are as bad as his defensive abilities on basketball court. An image of his Adidas Harden 1 "Triple Blacks" leaked to the Internet on Tuesday, August 23 via Sneakerwatch, but people are not amazed by the design at all.

The new sneakers resemble a cross between some arctic outerwear and a NASA experiment possibly designed for space travel. They spark hilarious reactions and memes from people, particularly Twitter users.

One user calls them "The Adidas Cable Repairman 1s," while another says, "James harden really made sneakers for grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate factory." Another tweep writes, "Harden's new shoe should come with a carton of cigarettes and a box cutter," and producer/former rapper Jensen Karp posts, "James Harden's signature shoes look like something Geppetto would carve for Pinocchio."

Another person photoshops an image of crying Michael Jordan on the shoe and writes in the caption, "James Harden's signature Adidas shoe is horrible."

"Triple Blacks" are not due to hit the market until December, so there's still a chance for the 26-year-old athlete and his team at Adidas to make several changes to the shoes design.

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