Jessica Williams Is Leaving 'The Daily Show' to Headline New Comedy Series

This Thursday's episode marks the 26-year-old comedian's final appearance on the late-night talk show after four years as a senior correspondent.

AceShowbiz - Jessica Williams is exiting "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" after four years as a senior correspondent. The 26-year-old comedian is moving on to headline an upcoming project of her own for Comedy Central. This Thursday's episode will be her last.

"I feel so many emotions," Jessica, who was the youngest correspondent to ever join "The Daily Show", tells EW of her exit, "I feel like I'm growing up and graduating." When asked how she's doing after the announcement, she replies,"I'm good! I've been telling my coworkers that I'm leaving the show - it's so bittersweet. I've just been going in and out of crying a little bit, giving a lot of hugs, all that stuff."

"The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah comments on Jessica's departure in an email, which reads, "The sadness I have for Jessica leaving is only eclipsed by the joy I have for her starting her new show. If her podcast is anything to go by, it's going to be an exciting show!"

Jessica will next work on writing, producing, and starring in the Comedy Central pilot for a half-hour scripted series. The still-untitled comedy will center on "a politically-minded young woman who may be 'woke' but doesn't know what she's doing."

She explains, "It's a show about someone in their 20s who has all these social ideas but still, like, does not have it together. And she's goofy and silly and funny!"

In addition to the pilot, Jessica also gets a starring role in an upcoming romantic comedy from "People Places Things" director Jim Strouse. "So I get to play this main character in this independent romantic breakup comedy. We're going to shoot it in Brooklyn, which I'm excited about," she shares, "Basically she is a young playwright out of college just going through a breakup and trying to figure it out."

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