Demi Lovato Quits Instagram and Twitter. Find Out Why

The 'Heart Attack' hitmaker announced on Monday, June 20 that she got enough of Twitter and Instagram.

AceShowbiz - %cDemi Lovato% is seemingly sick with all the backlashes and negative comments she got from social media. The "Heart Attack" hitmaker announced on Monday, June 20 that she's quitting two social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram.

The 23-year-old songstress wrote on Twitter, "D**n I gotta quit sayin s**t. Bye Twitter. And Insta," she shared on Monday, June 20. However, her fans can keep up with her via Snapchat, which she found better because she wouldn't read any comments from her followers.

"I like Snapchat cause I don't have to see what some of y'all say," Demi continued. "Follow me if you want: theddlovato. But why do people actually give a f**k what I say?? Like if you don't care the gtfo haha."

It's not clear what exactly prompted Demi's decision to quit Instagram and Twitter. Perhaps it's simply because of her busy schedule or she just wanted to give her social media a break. After the announcement was made, a lot of Demi's fans supported her. "you can not see my tweets, but I just want to make clear that I love you," one fan said, while another wrote, "Stop paying attention on negative comments and try to focus on those comments from people who really love you."

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