'Frozen' Star Idina Menzel Supports #GiveElsaAGirlfriend

The actress who voices the popular Disney character thinks it's a good idea to give the princess someone to love in future installments.

AceShowbiz - Idina Menzel, the voice behind Elsa in "Frozen (2013)", is pro #GiveElsaAGirlfriend. The Broadway star responds to the petition to give the popular Disney character a girlfriend in future installments of the series.

"I think it's great," Menzel told Entertainment Tonight at Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 22. "Disney's just gotta contend with that. I'll let them figure that out." When asked whether she would do it should it really happen, Menzel added, "No matter what, [Elsa] changed my life."

Disney is preparing the release of "Frozen 2" but is yet to respond to the petition. Back in March, voice cast member Kristen Bell said production would begin in April and that the script was set. "We're just about to [hit the studio to record the lines.] They've just written it and they're still doing tweaks, but I think we should be recording this month."

Bell, who voiced Princess Anna, added at that time, "The story is great, and they exude quality. What I know about that whole team is that they wouldn't just put something out to put it out. That's why it took them so long to even announce that we were doing a second one."

Menzel herself was extra careful not to leak anything from the second "Frozen" movie. "It's being done," she simply said to E! News when asked about it at the Billboard Awards, adding that the project was still in early stages of development.

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