'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' New Teaser Trailer Name-Drops Dumbledore

Sharing a bit about Newt Scamander's background story, the new sneak peek reveals that Eddie Redmayne's character was expelled from Hogwarts but Albus Dumbledore likes him.

AceShowbiz - "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" works its magic in a new teaser trailer that has just been debuted at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards by Eddie Redmayne. The video opens with a little introduction to Newt Scamander (Redmayne) who, according to someone saying in voiceover, was expelled from Hogwarts because of his beastly obsession. He has a Hufflepuff scarf and Albus Dumbledore is said fond of him.

The scenes mostly show Newt during his first trip to America. He carries around a suitcase which apparently contains and can do a lot more than what humans can see in it. In a scene, Newt is seen crawling into the suitcase, possibly as a method of transportation.

Set it 1920s New York, it follows Magizoologist Newt Scamander who wrote a textbook used by Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts. He is in New York with his magic wand and trusty case full of magical creatures. Chaos ensues when some of them escape.

Also starring Ezra Miller, Colin Farrell, Jon Voight, Ron Perlman, Katherine Waterston and Dan Fogler, the fantasy movie is due November 18 in the U.S. David Yates served as director.

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