'Fantastic Beasts' Stars Strictly Banned From Taking Movie Props Home as Keepsakes
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Dan Fogler jokingly believes Daniel Radcliffe must have made it his habit to swipe props from 'Harry Potter' movie set, prompting producers to place strict security measures for the spin-off.

AceShowbiz - "Fantastic Beasts" star Dan Fogler is building up a collection of his movie characters' socks, because those were the only things he was allowed to keep as a souvenir after wrapping the first "Harry Potter" spin-off.

The actor reveals there were security cameras all over the set of 2016 film "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" to prevent cast and crew swiping props and costumes as keepsakes, and he was only allowed to take home his character Jacob Kowalski's mismatched socks.

"I waited until the very end and went to Colleen Atwood, who is the costume master, and said, 'Is there anything from the costume I could take, like a piece of cloth?'" he tells WENN. "She let me keep my socks, so I have my socks from the first movie and I have my socks from the second movie."

"I'm making it a tradition, where I get my socks at the end (of a film). I only bring them out for special occasions, like premieres. The first movie I had mismatching socks so that's a hard one to wear out."

Fogler is convinced the on-set security measures were put in place after the stars of the "Harry Potter" films pilfered props and costumes as the series wound down.

"The producers (of Fantastic Beasts) made a big deal about, 'Don't take any props, don't take anything,' " he smiles. "I guess on Harry Potter, all the kids abused that rule. I think that Daniel Radcliffe has 27 different pairs of his glasses. He just was like, 'I don't know where I lost them... again', and kept on stealing his glasses."

"So when it got to us, there were cameras everywhere: 'Don't take a d**n thing...!' Fantastic Beasts has trained me not to take anything unless it's given to me."

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