Diplo and Zedd Trade Shots on Twitter Over M&Ms Jingle

Deadmau5 later gets involved in the feud and calls out Diplo for his collaboration with Justin Bieber.

AceShowbiz - Zedd recently teamed up with Aloe Blacc for "Candyman" which was featured in an M&Ms commercial. However, Diplo doesn't seem to be a fan of it. The DJ openly criticized the song, calling it a Flume rip-off in a tweet he posted on Monday, March 21.

"@Zedd wtf is this?" the always-outspoken musician wrote alongside a link to the song and its accompanying video on YouTube. "Fake flume drop ft m&ms? It's not OK do this man come on .. It's not all about the [money]."

Zedd shared his response a few minutes later, telling his fellow EDM producer to "stop being a jealous little b***h and do us all a favor and just shut the f**k up." Things didn't stop there, though. Diplo then complimented Zedd only to diss him again.

"Your young and rich and a great musician.. Use that to your advantage," he said in another tweet and then added, "Don't be such a pompous cornball loser also I f**ked your girl." Zedd kindly corrected his grammar before Diplo concluded, "You aren't a bad person . I just know you can do better that's all .. I'm just praying for you."

Joining the conversation later was Deadmau5, who called out Diplo again for working with Justin Bieber. "Literally hopped off Justin's d**k to say someone's s**t is about money? God DAMN I love Twitter. I do," he said.

This isn't Diplo's first time to have criticized Zedd's work. Upon the release of Zedd's "True Colors" last year, he called the album "a pile of [s**t]." Also last year, he had a heated Twitter argument with Deadmau5 over Jack U's collaboration with Bieber, "Where Are U Now?".

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