'Huntsman: Winter's War' New Trailer Reveals the Betrayal That Breaks Emily Blunt

Find out what Charlize Theron's Ravenna did that left Freya devastated beyond repair and turned her into an evil ice queen.

AceShowbiz - The new trailer for "The Huntsman: Winter's War" is unleashed, shedding light on Emily Blunt's character Freya. She becomes an ice queen after a heartbreaking betrayal, and this new promo video unveils what broke her heart and turned it to stone cold.

The story starts before the events in "Snow White and the Huntsman". Charlize Theron is back as Ravenna the Evil Queen and Chris Hemsworth as Eric the Huntsman. Jessica Chastain is added as Eric's badass love interest Sara. The movie will arrive Stateside on April 22.

In this movie, Freya flees to a remote wintry palace after a heartbreaking betrayal. She raises a legion of deadly huntsmen but her most prized ones were Eric and Sara before she banishes them for defying her one demand. When she heard of her sister's demise at the hands of Snow White, she summons her remaining soldiers to rule the kingdom. Kristen Stewart who played Snow White in the first film won't return in this new one.

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