Will Jenna Dewan Strip Off for Channing Tatum on Valentine's Day? Find Out Their Sexy Plan

While attending the premiere of 'Hail Caesar' in Los Angeles, the famous couple opened up about their plan for Valentine's Day, saying that Dewan would do something special for Tatum.

AceShowbiz - Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan opened up about their plan to celebrate Valentine's Day. While attending the premiere of Tatum's new film "Hail Caesar" at the Regency Theatre in Los Angeles on February 1, Dewan hinted that she would do something special for her beloved husband, but it's still secret.

When the 35-year-old hunk asked Dewan about her plan for Valentine's Day, she answered, "Why would I tell you here? It's gotta be a surprise." Tatum then responded, "But, you are actually going to do something, right?"

Dewan, who dubbed Valentine's Day "a day of love," declared that she would definitely give her man a surprise, just like what she had done every year. Tatum then shared his thought about the matter, saying that Valentine's Day wasn't just for women. "Interesting. Because I was supporting that women should do stuff for their man," he told E! News.

The conversation got a little bit raunchy when the interviewer said that "putting out" wasn't enough for Tatum. Dewan confirmed it while saying that it was a woman's job. Well, does this mean she's going to strip off for Tatum?

Also during the intervew, Dewan was asked for her opinion about the movie. "It's mindblowingly amazing and awesome and I was actually speechless when I first saw it. I saw it when they're filming it and I saw the rehearsals but then when I saw the final product, I was like wow that is the most incredible dancer I've ever seen in a movie," Dewan said.

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