There's NO Betrayal in Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's Marriage, Despite Report

The 'Friends with Benefits' actress was not 'betrayed' by the 'Two and a Half Man' star, and the rumor 'is almost entirely made up.'

AceShowbiz - Following news that Ashton Kutcher was spotted leaving a Thai massage parlor in North Hollywood, the actor was reported to "betray" wife Mila Kunis. However, the rumor was not true as Gossip Cop has debunked the claim. The site has obtained some information from a rep, stating that the story "is almost entirely made up."

The new edition of OK! magazine, which hit stores on Wednesday, claimed that Kunis was "betrayed" when the "No Strings Attached" actor visited the massage parlor last month. The article noted that that the scandal made Kunis, who was supposed to tell her husband that she was ready to have another child, become "very worked up" and the actress' "baby joy" was then "shattered."

The magazine said that the couple's "marriage was in a really good place" before the scandalous visit happened, but "his boneheaded decision may have derailed her baby plans." An alleged insider claimed, "They've been ready for another for a while. This scandal came at a bad time."

However, at the end of the article, it was stated that Kunis "will let it go" and that "she's not the type to freak out and end a relationship over one minor transgression." The magazine also believed that the couple's "starting fresh in 2016."

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