Deadpool Chooses Something 'Bigger' in IMAX Teaser

Besides the IMAX teaser, 20th Century Fox released a new poster which features Stan Lee's character in the upcoming film.

AceShowbiz - Before getting the second trailer for "Deadpool", fans get to see some new footage in a new IMAX teaser featuring the hilarious superhero. Just like what he usually does, the red-suited superhero appears in the teaser as he gives a ridiculous introduction explaining the difference between regular movie screens and IMAX screens.

He holds a chimichanga which he uses to describes an IMAX screen. "Deadpool here with an important public service announcement. This is your brain," the Merc With a Mouth says. "Actually, it's a chimichanga, but I'm making a point."

The camera then zooms out and shows the foul-mouthed superhero sits in front of a giant chimichanga. "Because this is your brain on IMAX. Bigger is better, right?" he continues. As for the rest of the teaser, it sees %cRyan Reynolds%' Deadpool in action as he defeats some criminals using his superpower abilities.

Besides releasing the new teaser, 20th Century Fox debuted a new poster. The poster shows Colossus giving Deadpool a piggyback. They are surrounded by flames and some small images of other characters. There are Reynolds' Wade Wilson, %cMorena Baccarin%'s Vanessa Carlysle, %cBrianna Hildebrand%'s Negasonic Teenage Warhead, %cLeslie Uggams%'s Blind Al, %cEd Skrein%'s Ajax, %cGina Carano%'s Angel Dust, %cT.J. Miller%'s Weasel and Stan Lee's undisclosed character.

"Deadpool" tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson (Reynolds), who undergoes a treatment to cure cancer and is transformed into a superhuman with accelerated healing power. Directed by Tim Miller, the antihero movie will hit U.S. theaters on February 12, 2016.

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