Find Out What Deadpool Wants for Christmas

On the fourth day of '12 Days of Deadpool', the Merc With a Mouth unveils his ridiculous list of some stuff he wants for X-mas.

AceShowbiz - It seems like Deadpool is in the holiday spirit as he reveals a number of stuff he really wants for Christmas. On the fourth day of "12 Days of Deadpool", Ryan Reynolds' the Merc With a Mouth releases a photo of X-mas wish list which includes numerous random and hilarious things.

Just like what he did with his "battle plan", he puts some unpredicted things in the list, such as "something stronger than penicillin" and "a real stuffed unicorn." Making the list weirder are "2 silencers" and "3 loudeners." At the end of the wish list, he draws a Deadpool head and writes, "Love Deadpool."

Besides the wish list, there is another "tasty treat" for fans. Empire has debuted an image of the foul-mouthed superhero as a teaser before he is featured on the magazine's February cover. The image shows the red-suit superhero making a Deadpool logo on a brick wall as he faces the camera.

"12 Days of Deadpool" is a promotional campaign that will deliver some new stuff for Deadpool fans every day for the next 12 days. Each of the treats is released through some chosen website. The campaign will end on Christmas Day when the second trailer for the movie is released.

Fans who are seeing "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in IMAX this weekend will get to see a 27-second footage of Deadpool, before the full second trailer arrives. There will also be a red band trailer, but it's still unknown when it will be released.

"Deadpool" is directed by Tim Miller and will hit U.S. theaters on February 12, 2016.

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