Deadpool's Battle Plan Includes Wolverine?

Ryan Reynolds has just unveiled a twisted 'battle plan' which includes a Wolverine-like creature.

AceShowbiz - Continuing his "12 Days of Deadpool", %cRyan Reynolds% gave away another "tasty treat" for fans. For day 3, the Merc With a Mouth himself teamed up with DeviantArt to release an image which shows a sheet of a "battle plan" which includes a Wolverine-like creature.

The artwork looks very similar to the one which appeared in "Home Alone", though there are some differences. The picture features the design of a home, complete with a number of unusual weapons and traps set in place to attack enemies. The mouthy superhero put a "red-hot spring-loaded nut-punching doorknob," komodo dragons, medical waste and P.R.O.U.S (Pizza Rats of Unusual Size) in some rooms inside the house.

There are also two rooms which are equipped with a "booby trap" and a flamethrower. It seems like the biggest trap here is the yellow honey badger with iron claws and an X symbol on its chest. Does it mean Wolverine will make a cameo appearance? Well, it remains to be seen.

Reynolds also posted on his Twitter a gif in which he clears away some stuff including a pair of fake Wolverine's claws before he opens the piece. "just got real, ya filthy animals," Reynold captioned the photo.

"Deadpool" tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson (Reynolds), who undergoes a treatment to cure cancer and is transformed into a superhuman with accelerated healing power. Reynolds is joined by the likes of %cMorena Baccarin%, %cT.J. Miller% and %cBrianna Hildebrand% in the cast. The movies is slated for a U.S. release on February 12, 2016.

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