Zooey Deschanel in War Against Former Agency Over 'New Girl'

Seven Summits Pictures and Management is also suing the actress for stopping all commission payments including their cut in Hello Giggles website.

AceShowbiz - Zooey Deschanel is just back on the set of "New Girl" after giving birth to daughter Elise Otter but she is already facing a lawsuit associated to the FOX sitcom. Her ex-management agency Seven Summits Pictures & Management sues her for an alleged failure to pay commissions.

The court documents were filed on Wednesday, December 16 in Los Angeles Superior Court. The lawsuit stated, "Seven Summits managed the Defendant Zooey Deschanel's (Deschanel or Defendant) career from 1996, when she was an unknown actress, until 2013, by which time she was one of the most famous actresses in the world, a Grammy Award-nominated singer, and the co-founder of a successful entertainment website Hello Giggles."

The agency claimed they were entitled to 10 percent of all her earnings in the entertainment industry. The company admitted to have been paid commissions for Deschanel's role on "New Girl" when they separated ways two years ago. However, when Seven Summits asked for their cut on Hello Giggles, the actress allegedly stopped all payments.

Seven Summits felt like they helped Deschanel in the lucrative sale of her website, a Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign and the "New Girl" gig. "On November 16, 2015, after Seven Summits learned that Deschanel received money in connection with the sale of Hello Giggles, Seven Summits requested that Deschanel pay Seven Summits' 10|percent| commission on her income from Hello Giggles ... but Deschanel refused to pay any such commissions," the lawsuit read.

The breach of written contract complaint had unspecified damages but if the case doesn't settle, her paychecks would be publicly revealed.

No rep of Deschanel has come forward for comment on the lawsuit but it looks like the camp has been noticed. "Deschanel is making the false claim that Seven Summits procured employment for Deschanel when it was not legally permitted to do so," the lawsuit stated. "Aside from being untrue, Deschanel's claim is not a reasonable excuse for deciding to withhold payment for services from a dutiful adviser who worked diligently for 17 years. Whereas most actors would be thrilled to have a manager put them on a successful career trajectory, Deschanel is now making a claim against Seven Summits for supposedly doing too much to make her successful and for supposedly doing too much to help her earn a giant fortune."

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