Josh Duggar's Siblings Get Emotional Talking About His Infidelity Scandal

The former '19 Kids and Counting' stars are sobbing when they reveal how disappointed they are in Josh for subscribing to infidelity website Ashley Madison.

AceShowbiz - %cJosh Duggar%'s siblings are completely disappointed in him after his accounts on infidelity website Ashley Madison went public. On new reality TV show "Jill & Jessa: Counting On", his siblings including %cJessa Duggar%, %cJill Duggar% and John-David Duggar weighed in on the scandal.

"It was one thing months before, when we looked back on the situation that happened when he was a teenager and saying that was so long ago, but here's something that's present-day, like, this is an issue happening right now," Jessa said, before admitting, "It was really difficult to come to grips with that."

Jill also had similar opinion about Josh's shocking revelation that he subscribed to the infidelity website. "[My husband] Derick and I talked about how earlier this year, when Jess and I were talking with %cMegyn Kelly%, we wanted to say the truth, and I feel like we did that," she said. "But knowing now what Joshua was hiding, I feel like it wasn't right for him to let us speak our words without having the full knowledge of what he was hiding."

"After everything kind of started to settle down ... we got word of a second thing that we had no clue about," John-David explained. "That was a little bit more of a shock probably than the first stuff coming out, because you look at your brother and you want to think the best about him." He added, "One of the toughest things I ever had to tell my older brother was, 'I don't want to be like you anymore.' "

At one point, Jill and Jessa also talked about the revelation of Josh's molestation scandal. "When the police report was released to the world, that wasn't right," Jill, who was one of Josh's victims, said. "We really had to work through it because, as a victim, you've already worked through it. You've already dealt with it and moved on, and you don't want it rubbed in your face."

Jessa then explained what people said about her and her family following the revelation. "Because of who my family is, the Christian values that we hold to, people are like, 'Y'all aren't perfect?' and I'm like, 'We never claimed to be perfect,' " she said.

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