Sylvester Stallone Develops 'Rambo: New Blood' for FOX

The upcoming TV adaptation is rumored to explore the complex relationship between John Rambo and his son.

AceShowbiz - After long internet chatters, Sylvester Stallone has reportedly closed a development deal to adapt "Rambo" into a TV series for FOX. According to Deadline, the original movie star will serve as an executive producer for the project.

Rumored to be titled "Rambo: New Blood", the new show is expected to focus on the complex relationship between John Rambo and his son, J.R., an ex-Navy SEAL. It's unclear whether or not Sly will reprise his iconic role although back in 2013, his rep claimed he would not.

Based on David Morrell's novel "First Blood", "Rambo" films revolves around a troubled Vietnam War veteran. It spawned four movies with the last one coming out in 2008. A fifth installment "Rambo: Last Blood" has long been in the works. Described as Sly's version of "No Country for Old Men", it will supposedly follow the hero as he "goes up against a Mexican cartel."

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