Watch Jennifer Lawrence Scold Interviewer in Awkward Interview

The blonde beauty asks an interviewer, who takes off his shoes during interview, whether or not he's 'high' before leaving him because of his disrespectful manner.

AceShowbiz - %cJennifer Lawrence% had an awkward interview with Smosh star %cIan Hecox%, who thought he was pranking her. Turning the tables on Ian and his backstage partner %cAnthony Padilla%, the actress asked the interviewer whether or not he's "high."

"Are you high?" Jennifer asked Ian who took off his shoes during the interview. "Am I high? I hope not. I don't think so, last time I check," he quizzically replied. The blonde beauty teamed up with her co-stars in "The Hunger Games", %cLiam Hemsworth% and %cJosh Hutcherson%, as well as a fan named Dylan Miceli-Nelson to prank the interviewer.

Josh then instructed Jennifer through earpiece to start getting offended by what Ian did. "Why don't you put your shoes back on?" Jennifer advised Ian, to which he replied, "I should but I don't like wearing shoes." The award-winning actress then criticized the way he dressed up during the interview which she considered disrespectful. Listening to what she said, Anthony, who hid backstage, got panic.

"I had to do these interview all day in heels," Jennifer told Ian. He argued that she didn't need to do that as he was playing his foot in front of the actress. "I just feel like this is, like, [wasting my time]. I'm sorry, I feel like you are not really a professional," she said as she got up from her seat, took off her microphone and walked off the room. "I'm sorry, I'm f**king done."

After Jennifer left the interview room, Liam and Josh came in and told Ian that what he did "wasn't funny." After a while, Ian realized that he got pranked instead. Jennifer then returned to the room alongside Dylan. "And this is the mastermind behind the whole thing," she said. She then hugged Ian as saying, "I couldn't wait for it to be over.... I didn't like being mean."

The stars of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2" participated in the prank to help raise awareness about duchenne muscular dystrophy. Dylan is one of the patients who have the muscular disease which requires him to move in a wheelchair.

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