'Project Runway' Season 14 Winner Makes History With Rare Collection

Ashley Tipton, Candice Cuoco, Edmond Newton and Kelly Dempsey make it to New York Fashion Week, but only one comes home with the prize.

AceShowbiz - "Project Runway" unveiled its new winner in the part-two of season 14 finale. Aired on Thursday, November 5, it followed the final four, Ashley Tipton, Candice Cuoco, Edmond Newton and Kelly Dempsey, as they prepared their collections with only two days left before the New York Fashion Week.

Following the judges' critiques, Kelly needed to bedazzle it up, Candice had to make her collection more cohesive, and Edmond needed to own the looks. Ashley got the best feedback, but Tim Gunn warned her that in the past, contestants with the best critique ended up presenting collection that was below the other finalists.

On the D-day, the foursome was whisked away to the venue "in style," thanks to Lexus which sent some cars to pick them up. Backstage, Ashley had a last-minute disaster when the zipper on one of her items split open.

With Carrie Underwood joining the judges, Kelly showed her collection first. The theme was disco Barbies. Zac Posen thought "it's a little flash, a little trashy," but he's a fan anyway.

Edmond's "Anna's Roses" collection was dedicated to his mother. The judges agreed that there's no cohesion in his collection, although the items were not all bad.

Candice's collection featured a lot of leather. Nina Garcia said, "I was very surprised, in a good way," and praised Candice's cherry blossom dress in particular.

Ashley presented her plus-size collection and Nina liked it that she played with forms that are considered taboo for plus-size women. "You did something outstanding today," Zac commented.

Ashley was eventually declared the winner. Kelly was the runner-up, Edmond finished in the third place, and Candice placed fourth.

Speaking to PEOPLE before her victory was revealed, Ashley said of her collection, "I hope that I'm starting something, where people feel that it is expected to have plus-size models walk in New York Fashion Week. I hope this starts a whole revolution, that plus-size is accepted in fashion."

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