'Fantasy Island' to Get Reboot With Female Lead

A remake of the 1970s drama series is being developed by ABC and Sony Pictures Television with a few twists.

AceShowbiz - Another remake project is on the way. ABC is teaming up with Sony Pictures Television to revive 1970s drama series "Fantasy Island" with a few twists. The show that ran from 1977 to 1984 on the Alphabet network had previously got a reboot treatment in 1998.

However, unlike the original series and the 1998 reboot, the new take will be set at a company named Fantasy Island that helps fulfill its clients' deepest, darkest fantasies, instead of being set on an island where people pay to live out their fantasies.

The upcoming project will also replace Mr. Roarke, played by Ricardo Montalban on the original series, with a female lead who runs the Fantasy Island company based in San Fransisco. She is described as a brilliant, dynamic and sexy woman.

The "Fantasy Island" reboot has received a script plus penalty order from the network. Sheldon Turner ("Up in the Air") will pen the script and executive produce the potential TV series with Jennifer Klein.

The "Fantasy Island" franchise began with two TV movies before being greenlit to series. Montalban starred alongside Herve Villechaize, who played his assistant Tattoo. Malcolm McDowell took over the role of Mr. Roarke in the 1998 remake, but Tattoo wasn't included on the show and it only lasted 13 episodes on ABC.

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