Lance Bass Reveals He Was Sexually Harassed by Pedophile During NSYNC Days

The 36-year-old singer opens up on 'Meredith Vieira Show' about being 'inappropriately' touched by a pedophile when he was 16 years old.

AceShowbiz - %cLance Bass% revealed he was sexually harassed when he was a teen. Lance made the revelation in the Wednesday, October 7 episode of "Meredith Vieira Show" when the panelists were discussing about %cAshley Judd%'s recent revelation she was sexually harassed by a studio mogul.

"It happens to men too. It's a two-way street," Lance told his fellow panelists, alluding to his boy band days in %cNSYNC%. "It had happened to me when I was 16 or 17-years-old. When we started, there was someone that we worked with that was inappropriately touching us."

"I wasn't even aware then, at 16, that this guy was a pedophile and he was touching me. Oddly, I didn't feel victimized at the time because I was very aware of it but it happened to us too," the 36-year-old singer continued.

Fellow panelist Megan Colarossi asked Lance if he ever said anything during the time of the incident. He replied, "No. I mean with the guys we would talk about it. We would kind of joke about it, but it's not a joking thing. But as a kid, it was just odd. I am glad that we were aware of it and we didn't feel victimized at the time."

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