Candace Cameron Bure Compares Cyber Bullying to Rape on 'The View'

The 'Fuller House' actress compares Twitter trolls to rapists during a discussion about Lena Dunham's decision to quit Twitter.

AceShowbiz - Candace Cameron Bure made a controversial comment about Twitter trolls during a recent episode of "The View". The "Fuller House" actress compared the online haters to rapists during a discussion about Lena Dunham's decision to take a step back from Twitter due to cyber bullying.

"I've never been more verbally abused in my life than on Twitter, and specifically in the last few months, having come on this show," Bure said. "A lot of people don't agree with me. That's fine, don't agree with me. But you don't have to verbally abuse me and rape me. That's what they do to me on Twitter."

The co-host hasn't commented on her remarks, but the night before her debut in the all-female panel of the ABC talk show, she encouraged her supporters to back her up against critics. "Please encourage me if you watch the show," she wrote on Facebook back then.

"Please tag The View on your social media outlets if you have anything kind to say about me or my viewpoint," she added. "The majority of the feedback I get from The View audience is from liberals (whom I love) but are mean, hateful and downright nasty toward me. It's incredibly disheartening to read."

Lena Dunham herself recently compared Gawker and Jezebel to abusive husband over their negative articles about her. The "Girls" creator quickly apologized and insisted that she never meant to make light of domestic violence.

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