Paris Hilton's Missing Diamond Ring Returned by Fireman in Poland

The Hilton hotel heiress has a Polish firefighter to thank to for finding her expensive ring and returning it to her.

AceShowbiz - Paris Hilton recently lost her massive diamond ring, valued at $100,000, in an airport while she was about to board a plane, but luck was still on her side. The hotel heiress has been reunited with her missing jewel, thanks to a Polish firefighter.

According to The Associated Press, Paris lost her expensive ring on an airport shuttle bus in the Polish city of Lodz as she's leaving the city after a fashion event. Two days later, a fireman who works at the airport found it lying on the floor of the bus.

He initially thought it belonged to a flight attendant but none of them reported a missing ring. He reportedly found out Paris was the owner of the ring after noticing her on TV wearing it and so the organizers of the fashion event were contacted.

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