Michael Caine Is Retired Composer in 'Youth' First Trailer

The film explores the lifelong bond between two old friends who go on a vacation in a luxury Swiss Alps lodge as they ponder retirement.

AceShowbiz - The first official trailer for drama "Youth" has arrived. The movie boasts cast which include a number of Academy Award winners such as %cMichael Caine%, %cJane Fonda% and %cRachel Weisz% as well as Oscar nominee %cHarvey Keitel%.

Caine stars as a legendary composer named Fred, who has already retired. He goes on a luxury vacation with his long-time friend Mick (Keitel). The trailer opens with Fred telling a boy, who plays a violin, that he is the composer of the piece the boy is practicing.

In the midst of his vacation, Fred encounters someone who wants to hear him conduct again. While Fred has no intention of resuming his musical career, Mick is trying so hard to finish a screenplay he dedicated to his lover.

Set against a sprawling landscape of unforgettable sights and intoxicating music, the movie asks if our most important and life-changing experiences can come at any time - even late - in life. It was previously screened at Cannes and garnered mixed reviews.

Caine leads the cast which also include %cPaul Dano%, %cEmilia Jones% and %cTom Lipinski%. Paolo Sorrentino directed as well as wrote the script. Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano and Carlotta Calori produced the movie which will have a limited release in U.S. theaters on December 4.

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