Jon Stewart Gets Body Slammed by John Cena on 'WWE Monday Night Raw'

The former 'Daily Show' host was slammed to the floor by Cena after his sneak chair attack on the muscleman during the Sunday's 'WWE Summerslam'.

AceShowbiz - Jon Stewart got body slammed by John Cena during "WWE Monday Night Raw" on Monday, August 24. The former "Daily Show" host previously made Cena upset after interfering in a title match which cost the professional wrestler his WWE United States Championship.

Stewart told the audience the reason for his sneak chair attack on Cena during the Sunday's "WWE Summerslam". "It was because in my heart I could not let John Cena tie the great Ric Flair for 16 championships," Stewart said, "Because in my mind the champ is Flair. Not on my watch, wasn't going to let it happen. I appreciate what you were thinking last night but to be honest with you I was pulling for John Cena."

Cena then appeared on the ring and told Stewart, "I'm just gonna do, what I gotta do." The 38-year-old wrestler then hoisted Stewart onto his shoulders before slamming the host to the floor with his signature slam. Cena then walked off the ring in disgust.

WWE shared the clip of the moment on Twitter along with caption, "#DownGoesStewart! #DownGoesStewart! @JohnCena just did what he HAD to do on Monday Night #Raw... @RicFlairNatrBoy."

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