Selena Gomez Didn't Think Falling in Love With Justin Bieber Was Bad

Despite their failed romance after three years of dating, Selena admits she isn't afraid to fall in love again in the future.

AceShowbiz - Dating then boyfriend, pop star Justin Bieber, on and off for three years, Selena Gomez did think nothing was wrong with their romance. Opening up about their failed love relationship in an interview with The Sunday Times Style Magazine, she said she has no regrets about "falling in love" and is not afraid to fall in love again in the future.

"I didn't think I was doing anything bad by falling in love," said the former Disney star. "There's such an emphasis on people being the perfect thing and then destroying them because it's good press. Also throw in the fact that you are a teenager - it makes it more difficult."

Speaking of having a new relationship, Selena admitted she's enjoying single life and dating now, claiming her new relationship would be "dear" to her. "I've been working my butt off. I'm dating, but I don't really want anything right now," so she revealed.

Selena 23, dated Justin, 21, on and off for three years. During that period of time, they were often placed at the center of media attention. She even admitted she felt "destroyed" by the attention. "It's difficult for people to separate us. The internet wants to freeze this moment in time and constantly repeat it," she told The Sunday Times.

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