John Oliver Slams America's Inaccurate Sex Education, Enlists Laverne Cox for His Sex Ed Video

The 'Last Week Tonight' host criticizes the nation's lack of proper sex education which sometimes still promotes abstinence to teenage boys and girls.

AceShowbiz - %cJohn Oliver% once again made the right point about some hilarious policies applied in America. This time, the British comedian blasted the nation's lack of proper sex education to teenage boys and girls in high school on the Sunday, August 9 episode of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver".

He noted that only 22 states require sex education for teenagers and just 13 require their information to be medically accurate. He slammed Mississippi's law that bans teachers from showing students how to use a condom, while the state has the county's second-highest rate of teen pregnancy.

Oliver also mocked old sex ads that still promote abstinence. He played a clip of Pam Stenzel, one of the most popular abstinence promoters, warning teen boys, "Boys, if there's a girl throwing herself at you, if she's the one pressuring you for sex - if this is a girl that's dressing in a manner that's saying not only to you but the rest of the world, 'Take me now' ... I've got a little word of advice for you. Run! I did not say walk slowly. I said run from her!"

To make things right, Oliver made his own hilarious sex ed video with the help of celebrities like %cLaverne Cox%, %cMegan Mullally%, %cNick Offerman%, %cJack McBrayer%, %cKristen Schaal%, %cJonathan Banks%, %cAisha Tyler% and %cKumail Nanjiani% to explain everything from sexual organs to birth control.

They also explained about abstinence, "If you want to be abstinent, that's fine. If you don't want to be abstinent, that's also fine. Abstinence is like being a vegetarian. People should respect your choice. Some people might make fun of you. Those people are a**holes." Not to forget, they reminded teenagers the importance of getting consent from their partners.

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