Comic-Con: 'Patient Zero' Brings Natalie Dormer, Debuts First Footage

The 'Game of Thrones' star attended Sony/Screen Gems panel at Comic-Con which included the screening of 'Patient Zero' rough cut trailer.

AceShowbiz - Natalie Dormer had a hectic schedule during Comic-Con in San Diego. On Friday, July 10 Dormer attended a panel for her hit fantasy drama series "Game of Thrones", and on Saturday she came back to promote her new movie, "Patient Zero", at the Sony/Screen Gems panel. The panel included a discussion with the cast of the movie as well as the screening of a rough cut of the film's trailer.

In the panel, Dormer was joined by the likes of Matt Smith ("Doctor Who"), Clive Standen ("Vikings") and John Bradley ("Game of Thrones") to have a discussion about the upcoming movie. Besides, director Stefan Ruzowitzky and screenwriter Mike Le participated in the panel.

Dormer teased about the villains in the movie, saying that the baddies were not "zombies." She also explained that her character had a task to save the planet from the dangerous new species. Meanwhile, Standen provided more details about the film, saying that the film's tension centers on the infected ones thinking they are "the new evolution of mankind." He added, "These are people that want to wipe us out, the human race."

Besides the discussion, the screening of the first footage of the film was another highlight at the event. The video features a man (Smith) who is gifted with the ability to talk to the zombie-like creatures who are taking over the planet. In order to find the cure, he tracks down Patient Zero (Stanley Tucci), who does not exhibit the usual symptoms of the virus.

Stefan Ruzowitzky sits behind the lens while Vincent Newman produces the movie. There is no exact release date just yet, but "Patient Zero" is expected to arrive in U.S. theaters in 2016.

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