Tom Selleck Accused of Stealing Water for His California Ranch

The 'Magnum P.I.' actor has been accused of stealing truckloads of water from a public hydrant to keep his ranch alive amid California's drought.

AceShowbiz - Tom Selleck has been accused of stealing truckloads of water for his California ranch. The Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County is suing the "Magnum P.I." actor for allegedly sending a tanker truck filled up with water from a public hydrant more than a dozen times to his 60-acre ranch in Westlake Village since 2013.

Los Angeles Times reports that Tom grows avocados at his ranch. He and his wife Jillie, who have lived on the ranch for 30 years, are reportedly prohibited from using the hydrant's water because their property is located in a different water district, the Hidden Valley Municipal Water District. Jillie is also named in the complaint.

The water district says in its complaint, filed to Ventura County Superior Court on Tuesday, July 7, that it spent nearly $22,000 to hire a private investigator to document the alleged thefts. Back in 2013, the district sent cease and desist letters to Tom after spotting his truck at the hydrant eight times a week in late September. The truck was spotted again at the hydrant in March 2015, filling up and trucking water to his ranch for at least four times.

The district is seeking an order forcing Tom to stop trucking water from Calleguas district and reimbursement for hiring investigator, damages and other costs.

The Ventura County Sheriff's Department, which investigated the case, was unable to establish that a crime occurred, said Capt. John Reilly.

Tom's representative hasn't commented on the issue yet.

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