Bobbi Kristina Brown Sued by Motorist Over January Car Accident

Russell J. Eckerman claims the January 27 head-on crash left him with medical bills and damages exceeded $732,610.22.

AceShowbiz - While Bobbi Kristina Brown continues to fight for her life in Atlanta hospice center, she is sued by a motorist who claims he was severely injured in a car crash she caused on January 27. Russell J. Eckerman says in his lawsuit that the head-on crash left him with medical bills and damages exceeded $732,610.22.

Russell alleges the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was "traveling at an imprudent speed for conditions and was following too closely and improperly attempted to change lanes in order to avoid the vehicle stopping in front of her." She then allegedly lost control of her Jeep Liberty, crossed the center line and collided with Russell's Ford Taurus.

Russel says he was rushed to hospital after he sustained "significant injuries" from the accident, including facial, spinal and skull fractures, a laceration on his scalp and a left wrist sprain. He was placed in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator.

Russell is also suing Ford Motor Company and a third driver for negligent driving. He claims the airbag on his car didn't deploy properly and its seatbelt was defective.

Bobbi's conservator hasn't commented on the issue yet. Pat Houston told New York Daily News when leaving the Peachtree Christian Hospice on Wednesday, July 1 that Bobbi's condition was the "same."

Pat reportedly flew Bobbi to Chicago to have her evaluated by doctors before she was moved to hospice care. A source told PEOPLE that it was her last effort to help Bobby understand that every effort had been made to treat his daughter.

In other news, Bobbi's final text messages revealed she was desperately reaching out for help before she was found unconscious on January 31. Some screencaptures of an exchange with her friend obtained by Radar Online showed Bobbi, who used nickname Krissi Lovebug, was living in fear of her boyfriend Nick Gordon.

Bobbi's friend wrote, "Hey baby I miss you so much. Sorry I've been working so much lately. I saw you called me last night." Bobbi replied, "Hey babe boo boo. Yeah I'm sad...It's about Nick...:((." The friend asked, "God ... What's wrong now baby? He doesn't deserve you boo," to which Bobbi said, "Yeah I just seriously don't know what to do about him. You know how he is. I care about him but I'm so sick of the fighting and him telling me what I can and can't do. Plus what I found out ...I'm devastated ...I need my BFF baby love."

The friend then responded, "I'm here for you baby I love you so much... We can get together this weekend. I promise. I don't like seeing you sad :(."

A source told the site that Nick was a jealous boyfriend who often beat Bobbi senseless. "Krissi was referring to Nick's violent outbursts that turned physical and abusive, all of which were aimed at her," the source said, "She was also upset that he'd text and flirt with other women, and she suspected that Nick was cheating on her."

The source claimed that Bobbi had planned to seek "safe haven" at her friend's home, adding, "She was very depressed and taking a lot of Xanax [a prescription mood elevator and relaxant] and wanted desperately to get away from him because she believed he had snapped."

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