Iggy Azalea on Britney Spears Beef Reports: 'Women in Music Are Not the Same as a Teen Drama'

The 'Fancy' raptress makes it clear that she and the pop diva aren't feuding and are still friends while responding to recent reports stemming from her comments on the 'Pretty Girls' flop.

AceShowbiz - Iggy Azalea insists that there's no bad blood between her and Britney Spears following her comments on the "Pretty Girls" flop. After numerous reports emerged claiming the two superstars threw shade at each other, the Aussie raptress expressed her frustration in a string of tweets posted on Tuesday, June 30 while making it clear that she and the pop diva were still friends.

"I am honestly not surprised but still really saddened that the media is trying to create a 'beef' between @britneyspears and myself," she wrote. "We remain friends and i haven't said anything negative at all about her. Does wishing we had promoted a single more make me the bad guy?"

"I feel like the media wants women in music to get out and mud wrestle each other. As a woman i take great offense," she continued. "No one is throwing 'shade' or 'shots' on either side of the table. The girl is my friend and i support her 100|percent|... i feel like the press just wants to see girls be overtly sexual to one another, and have no real opinion other than 'i love it!' "

The "Fancy" hitmaker concluded, "Women in music are not the same as a teen drama. Stop making us all out to be, we are business women & artists. Not mean girls."

"Pretty Girls" only peaked at No. 29 on Billboard Hot 100. Responding to a fan who asked her opinion on the flop, Iggy implied that Britney should've promoted the song more. "Its difficult to send a song up the charts without additional promo and tv performances etc. unfortunately im just featured," she said in a recent Twitter Q&A.

Later, everyone thought Britney dissed Iggy, whose "Great Escape" tour ended up being canceled, when she mentioned her successful Las Vegas residency in a tweet on Monday.

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