Taylor Swift's BFFs Ellie Goulding and Lorde Pictured Partying With Katy Perry

Goulding posted and quickly removed an Instagram picture of her and Lorde hanging out with Perry, whom everyone believes is the subject of Swift's '1989' song 'Bad Blood'.

AceShowbiz - Ellie Goulding apparently landed in trouble after she was pictured hanging out with BFF Taylor Swift's nemesis Katy Perry. The British singer, who appeared in the former country star's "Bad Blood" music video, recently Instagrammed a photo of her partying with Swift's other famous pal Lorde and the "Roar" hitmaker only to remove it without clear explanation.

Goulding uploaded to the photo-sharing site over the weekend the image showing Lorde posing in a red dress as she recreated the Flamenco dancer emoji alongside some people including Perry. "Don't really remember this but... good times," she captioned the now-deleted snap.

The picture appeared to be a big deal for some Swifties who thought that Goulding and Lorde betrayed the 25-year-old superstar by hanging out with her enemy.

Swift has been feuding with Perry for a while now, since the latter allegedly tried to sabotage the former's tour. There have been speculations that the "Dark Horse" songstress is the girl Swift sings about on her "1989" song "Bad Blood".

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