Justin Bieber Never Wears the Same Underwear Twice

Receiving lots of Calvin Klein underwear as one of the brand's models, Bieber admits to ditch his underwear after only one use.

AceShowbiz - Young and famous singer %cJustin Bieber% has revealed he never wears the same underwear twice. The Canadian music star revealed the fun fact to %cJames Corden% for his "The Late Late Show With James Corden" on Wednesday, May 20.

Asked by the host about his Calvin Klein's underwear campaign, Bieber admitted he did a lot of working out for the ads. Then asked if he has a lifetime supply of underwear now that he has become the brand's model, he stated "They send me a lot of Calvin Kleins. Like boxes of them," before then adding "I never wear them twice."

Joining Corden as part of his latest round of "carpool karaoke", Bieber began to rap, dance, and sing the moment his hit single "Baby" blared out from Corden's car stereo. The duo, moreover, sang some other Bieber's tunes including "Boyfriend" and "Where Are U Now" as they made their way to the CBS studios.

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