Andy Cohen Reveals He Slept With Lance Bass

On Tuesday episode of 'Watch What Happens Live', the host was grilled with a list of revealing questions including the craziest place he's ever had sex and the most famous person he had sex with.

AceShowbiz - Andy Cohen revealed he had sex with Lance Bass on "Watch What Happens Live" on Tuesday night, May 5. The host was grilled with a list of revealing questions by "The Real Housewives of New York City" star Sonja Morgan.

At one point, Sonja asked Andy where the craziest place he's ever had sex is. He replied, "I think it would be... in an airplane," before saying he did the deed "under the stands at Hollywood High School." Sonja went on, "When's the last time you had sex because I'm very worried about you Andy and your mattress action. I just think you're not getting enough." Andy told her, "Don't be worried about me. The last time I had sex was Sunday morning. Today's Tuesday."

Sonja asked Andy, "Who's the most famous person you ever slept with?" to which he revealed, "The most famous person I ever slept with I guess is Lance Bass." He didn't mention when the hookup happened.

During the interview, Sonja also asked Andy if he's ever slept with a woman. He replied, "No, not fully," to which she responded, "Oh, so you have experimented."

This isn't the first time Andy revealed about his past with famous gay celebrities. He previously revealed that he went on a date with Anderson Cooper. "We were set up on a date," he told E! News at that time, "Not many people know this, but the way Anderson and I met about 20 years ago is we were set up on a blind date. It didn't take. It just didn't work. We're meant to be best friends...We're meant to be good friends and not boyfriends."

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