Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About Bringing Girl to His Mom on First Date

The 'Donnie Darko' actor opened up about his past experience, saying that he once joined a boyband in high school and he always brought a girl to his mom on first date.

AceShowbiz - %cJake Gyllenhaal% talked about his dating experience while stopping by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Monday, April 27. The "Southpaw" star also revealed that he was a boyband member when he was in high school.

When %cEllen DeGeneres% asked him where his favorite spot for the first date was, Jake jokingly answered, "Well, one thing I always do is I always bring my dates to my mother's house for the first date. I think that's a good move." Jake said that his mother always tried to find someone whom she thought was good for her son. "My mother believes, she thinks arranged marriages might be able to work. Ya know what I mean, like in a good way. She thinks that if she picked for me that I'd do a lot better," he shared.

The audience cheered loudly when Jake confirmed to Ellen that he is currently single. Jake is seemingly a good boy as he wants to follow his mom's advice for his own sake. "I would trust my mom," he confessed.

Ellen brought up another topic which made Jake ashamed. She asked about Jake's past whether he was really a member of a boyband. Jake admitted that he once joined a boyband but that was not a good one. "I was in a really, really bad band when I was in high school. The name of the band was called the Whole Shot," he said.

Amidst the talk, Ellen surprised the actor by showing an image on the big screen behind them. The image showed five boys with a young Jake posing in the center. It turned out that the picture is a cover album of Jake's boyband. Ellen made fun of the picture, commenting on a young boy who looks down in the picture. "Y'all are tough. He's acting like he's checking the time he doesn't have a watch," she joked. Jake responded with another joke, "Um, he's just ashamed of the music we were making so his head's down."

Jake revealed that he actually didn't have idea about the genre of his music at that time, but he later said that it was rock music. Jake also said that he took part in writing the lyric of the song, but he didn't make the music arrangement.

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