Jake Gyllenhaal Prioritizes Family, But Is Not in Rush to Wed Jeanne Cadieu
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In a new interview, the 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' actor reflects on his relationship with the French model, his family-centric outlook and the possibility of marriage in the future.

AceShowbiz - Jake Gyllenhaal, 43, has been in a relationship with French model Jeanne Cadieu, 28, since 2018. Despite their private nature, the couple has made rare public appearances, including at the premiere of Gyllenhaal's film "The Lost Daughter", directed by his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gyllenhaal expressed his contentment with his relationship and his desire to prioritize family. While he playfully declined to provide any specific wedding plans, he acknowledged that it is a future consideration.

"I think we all get into that space of work, work, work," Gyllenhaal said. "And for a long time, my career took precedence. But I'm at a point in my life where I realize that family really is the only thing that matters to me."

Gyllenhaal also revealed that he and Cadieu enjoy cooking together and have a shared appreciation for desserts. They recently attended the KCRW's Good Food PieFest & Contest in Los Angeles, sampling various pies and immersing themselves in the event's festive atmosphere.

Sources close to Gyllenhaal and Cadieu describe their relationship as affectionate and private. Gyllenhaal expressed admiration for his partner's reluctance to engage in the aspects of fame that she finds unappealing.

"That's part of the reason why I just adore her," Gyllenhaal said. "It's not at all the main reason, but, you know, one of them."

Gyllenhaal's family-oriented mindset extends beyond his relationship with Cadieu. As an uncle to his sister's children, he is described as being incredibly dedicated to the role.

Despite his preference for privacy, Gyllenhaal and Cadieu share a strong bond built on their shared interests and love for each other. Whether or not their future includes marriage remains to be seen, but Gyllenhaal's expressions of family values and admiration for his partner suggest that it is a possibility he is open to considering.

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