Iceman Outed as Gay in New 'X-Men' Comic

The frosty mutant played by Shawn Ashmore in the movie is revealed as a gay by his fellow X-Men in the latest storyline.

AceShowbiz - Marvel addresses the sexuality of one of the X-Men founding members in the latest issue of the comic book. Bobby Drake or best known as Iceman is outed as a gay by telepathic Jean Grey in the current storyline written by Brian Michael Bendis.

"There are thousands if not millions of stories of people who, for many different reasons, felt the need to hide their sexuality," Bendis told CNN. "The X-Men, with the conceit of time travel, give us a fascinating platform in which to examine such personal journeys. This is just the first little chapter of a much larger story that will be told."

In the "X-Men" movie series at 21th Century Fox, the frosty mutant was played by Shawn Ashmore. The character recently returned to the big screen through "X-Men: Days of Future Past". It's unclear if he will also be back for the next film "X-Men: Apocalypse".

Marvel and Fox have been rumored having a feud over the "X-Men" properties and other superhero characters. Marvel bans their writers from creating new characters for "X-Men" graphic novels to avoid giving Fox more toy to play with on-screen. The studio is also expected to end The Fantastic Four before the movie reboot arrives in theaters on August 7.

On top of that, Marvel killed off Deadpool which is getting a solo movie at Fox as well. Ryan Reynolds who will play the Merc with a Mouth in the upcoming flick recently responded to the Deadpool death in a cheeky Twitter picture.

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